World’s most advanced cryptoscanner!


 The cryptomarket is a place with endless amounts of trading pairs. Because one pair of eyes isn’t enough to spot all great setups we have decided to develop the CryptoCoinScanner, a highly advanced tool which helps you scan every single trading pair available. Customize your own alerts, reduce your screentime and find many profitable setups!

What is the CryptoCoinScanner?

After a long period of constant backtesting and finetuning we have created the best automatic trading alerts for you. With a wide selection of indicators and over 250 tradingpairs (!) our product is the most complete scanner of the cryptospace. Customize the bot by selecting your favourite indicators and timeframes in our user-friendly menu and enjoy your signals! By using the CryptoCoinScanner you won’t have to check every single chart anymore. Sit back, relax and watch your favourite setups appear automatically in your Telegram app.

Features of the CryptoCoinScanner

Customize the bot

Select your own preferences in the user-friendly menu. Customize:


  • Trading pairs Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Trading pairs Tether (USDT)
  • Volume filter
  • Include/exclude symbols
  • Languages: EN, NL

Choose your own indicators

Add your favourite indicators which match your own trading strategy. Choose from:


  • Bollinger Bands Squeeze
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Significant Price Movements
  • (Confirmed) Divergences
  • (E)MA (Crosses/Retests)
  • MACD
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Support & Resistance

Choose your own timeframes

At each indicator you can select your favourite timeframes. Choose from:


  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 1 daily
  • 1 weekly

Indicator overview

Bullish/Bearish Divergences (Unconfirmed)

Bullish/Bearish Divergences (Confirmed)

Bullish/Bearish Fibonacci Retracements (618, 705, 786)

Significant Price Increase/Decrease

Bollinger Band Squeeze

Bullish/Bearish MACD Cross

Near Support/Resistance

Crossed Support/Resistance

Relative Strength Index (Unconfirmed)

Relative Strength Index (Confirmed)

Bullish/Bearish 8/21 EMA Cross

Bullish/Bearish 100/200 MA Cross

Bullish/Bearish 200 EMA Retest



How to get started in 2 steps

Step 1: The CryptoCoinScanner uses the Telegram App to send alerts. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, use this link for Android users or this link for apple users. You can use Telegram on your mobile phone, laptop, computer or Ipad. Telegram is like WhatsApp but more secure. It’s fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time.

Step 2: Click on the button below to start. When you open the CryptoCoinScanner, you can start a 7 days FREE trial! 

Prices and subscriptions

Learn all about the advantages of the CryptoCoinScanner

It saves you time

You can drastically reduce your screentime. You no longer have to check every chart on Binance. Choose your favourite setups, sit back & relax while you receive your alerts.

Find more great opportunities

It’s impossible to look at every chart yourself, but the CryptoCoinScanner solves that problem. With the CryptoCoinScanner you have 1000 extra eyes in the market. 

Become a profitable trader

Now you have 1000 extra more eyes in the market you will no longer miss those huge gains. This time you will spot the great opportunities in time, thanks to the CryptoCoinScanner!


Start earning passive income by becoming a referral partner. All you have to do is sharing your referral link with others. You can get your own unique referral link in the menu of the CryptoCoinScanner. When other people get a subscription (while using your referral link) you will earn commission as long as their membership lasts. You will automatically be paid at the beginning of every month. The more people use your referral link the more money you will earn. You can earn up to 40% commission! On top of that, you can earn another 10% or 20% per subscription (depending on the amount of referrals) if your referrals start inviting other people with their referral links. Take a look at the overview below to find out how it works.

Referral level Level 1 commission Level 2 commission
Baby (1 - 4) 20%
Grown-up (5 - 9) 25% 10%
Warrior (10 - 14) 30% 10%
Knight (15 - 19) 35% 10%
Royalty (20 or more) 40% 20%


Q: How does the CryptoCoinScanner work?
A: Our scanner continuously scans the market and when an indicator matches the criteria that you have set you will receive an alert.

Q: How do I receive the alerts?
A: You will receive all alerts through the Telegram app.

Q: Am I bound to a subscription when I try the free trial version?
A: No. When the free trial subscription ends you will stop receiving the premium alerts. You can choose to start a subscription to unlock the premium alerts again.

Q: Am I bound to monthly payments when I start a subscription?
A: No. When you start a subscription you pay only once. When the subscription ends you will receive a reminder to renew your subscription, but you have to manually purchase a new subscription, which you can do in the menu of the CryptoCoinScanner.

Q: Which payment methods can I use?
A: You can pay with Bitcoin or USDT (ERC20) with coinpayments, a very easy to use payment option!

Q: Have the alerts been backtested?
A: Yes. All alerts have been backtested and we will continue to do so to give customizers the highest quality alerts.

Q: What is the difference between ‘unconfirmed’ and ‘confirmed’ alerts?
A: You will receive unconfirmed alerts when an indicator matches your criteria, but the follow-up candle hasn’t closed yet. You will receive confirmed alerts when an indicator matches your criteria and the follow-up candle has closed. Our backtesting results show that confirmed alerts give much better results. We decided to offer both alerts, so our customers can decide themselves which alert matches their own strategy the best.

Q: What exchanges are included?
A: At this moment we offer alerts for Binance only, but more exchanges will be added in the nearby future. 

Curious about the CryptoCoinScanner?

If you are curious about the CryptoCoinScanner you can click on one of the buttons below to start your free trial version or to learn more about how to get started.